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Help & Info about Fast Video Downloader for windows

  • Is this the full version or the free trial version?

    The version you are downloading right now is the trial version. The software is already fairly basic in the way it has been styled and laid out. You are getting the free trial version, which has many features locked away so that you cannot use them. This free trial gives you a general idea of what the program does, but the free trial is unlikely to suit all your long-term video-downloading needs.
  • Will it download videos from Instagram?

    The Instagram system has a lock on it that makes it very difficult to download its videos. The developers have made it clear that they are trying to change their downloader so that it downloads Instagram videos.
  • Which websites will it allow me to download from?

    YouTube is the main website from which you may download videos. The Fast Video Downloader program searches for a direct link to the online location where the video is stored. This means that if the website uses some sort of installed player or frames, or if it streams the video from another website, then this program is unable to download those videos. Also, if the video is behind a password, like with Hulu or Netflix, then it doesn't allow you to download those videos either.
  • Will it allow me to download YouTube videos that require the user to log-in first?

    There was a time when the Fast Video Downloader would allow you to download videos from YouTube even if the videos required that you log-in first. This is no longer the case, but it may change in the future if the developers update the program.
  • Can I play it back within the software or will I need the VLC player?

    The Fast Video Downloader program has a player installed into it. You may download videos and watch them on VLC or your Microsoft video player, or you may play the videos via the Fast Video Downloader program interface. The player is only available with the paid version and not with the free trial version that you are downloading right now.
  • Can I download more than one video at a time?

    With the free trial version you are only able to add one video and download one video at a time. If you opt for the paid version, then you may add a list of videos and the downloader will take them on one at a time. It is able to download numerous videos at the same time, but this doesn't increase or improve its performance in the way it does with BitTorrent. For example, if you download three files the at the same time with BitTorrent, then the time it takes to download all three is reduced because you are receiving files from a wide range of your peers. When you download with the Fast Video Downloader program, your source is a single location (you are not getting the file from numerous other people), which means the amount of time it takes to download is not sped up. For example, if you download three files at the same time and three files one after the other, both exercise will take the same amount of time.
  • How is it able to speed up download times?

    The Fast Video Downloader program’s free trial version, the one you are downloading, doesn't speed up your downloads, but the paid version does. It does not speed up your downloads through allowing you to download numerous files at the same time (a point that was made in the previous section), the way it speeds up your download is quite different. It picks 4 spots in your file and starts downloading them simultaneously. In other words, it downloads numerous parts of your file by taking whatever it can find on the server, and then it knits the file back together again when it has finished the download. This is a common and reliable way for online downloaders to increase their downloading times.
  • Am I able to schedule downloads for future occasions?

    With the free version that you are about to download, you are unable to schedule downloads for future occasions. If you buy the full version, you are able to set up your downloads and then tell the program at what time you wish the downloads to start.
  • Will it still download if I am on a metered connection?

    Yes, the downloader will download even if you are on a metered connection. This means that if you have any sort of Pay-As-You-Go Internet connection, then you need to be careful with this downloader because downloads count towards your Internet usage amount.
  • Will it also download and convert videos so that they work on iPhones and Androids?

    It is able to change files to fit smaller screens. If you are downloading a video that is 360p, and your output file is 360p, then the video will look great. If you are downloading a 1080p video, and your output is 360p, then it will not look as good.


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